The quality of the punched design is directly related to and relies on the quality of the artwork.
Fax artwork indicating colour breaks or e-mail to us a (.tif, .eps, or .bmp file) with no less than 100 dpi resolution and preferably in colour.
All letters to be digitized should be no smaller than 0.25 inches (6mm), so please indicate if we can do compensation on the artwork. We will be glad to fax a proof of final size before we digitize the design for your approval.
All prices are in Canadian dollars or at a U.S. exchange rate of 0.35

Prices are based on complexity as well as stitch count...

  • Up to 6000 sts. $14.00/1000 sts.
  • Over 6000 sts. $12.000/1000 sts.
  • Designs above 10,000 sts. are based on complexity, large fill or special effects a quote will gladly be provided for you.
Guaranteed delivery-next day, for designs within 10,000 stitches. i.e.($18.00/1,000stitches)


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